Pixie Swirl Dress - Our Signature Design can now be custom ordered right here. 
These are the only designer swirls handmade right here in New Zealand for children.Our Pixie Swirl dresses are packed full of hours of fun, swirling and twirling around. They can be worn as is when dressing up for special occasions as well as layered over top of a long sleeve pixie hollow top on cooler days to keep your little one warm. 
Sizing: generous sizes.
Fabric: locally sourced cotton fabric within NZ
Combinations: 7 colours in the swirls, 
Swirls: red, orange, yellow, lime green,  sky blue, royal blue, dark purple.
You can now add a pixie bag to match this dress. The front panel of the bag with be made to match the bodice fabric of this dress. 
To add a matching bag to your order, 'click here' for to add a bag your purchase. 
Fill in the box with what colour fabric you would like for the bodice. 
Once purchased, you will be emailed a series of photos to select the  colour/print which matches your request. 
Our Pixie Swirl dresses are been designed to fit a child for up to 2 years. When it gets outgrown you can send it back to us and we offer an altertaion cost to change the swirl either to, a Swirl skirt with a waistband or make a larger bodice in different print fabric.
Custom orders take 3 weeks from date of purchase.

Pixie Swirl dress - Rainbow