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Little Pixies Closet is a home based small business which aims to provide eco friendly, slow fashion clothing for children at affordable prices.


Owned and run solely by Megs, based in the Waikato and sending throughout New Zealand and overseas to Australia.

Little Pixies Closet specializes in creating garments from upcycled materials, where it be a 1960's woolen blanket from Wanaka, to a pair of vintage floral sheets from the early 1940's. Each item of clothing is handmade with love, taking into account the age and uniqueness of each item of material.

Our Coats are 100% One of a kind, we don't make the same combination twice. With a focus on reducing the amount of waste that is filling up our landfills, we are continually adding in new types of materials to use in creating beautiful garments for children to wear.

Dream - Create - Wear

Designer garments for children
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